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H042 || Unique House For Sale in Rethymno Old Town


A unique mansion for sale in the Old Town of Rethymno.

Consisting of four buildings

The property lies on a 218m² plot and consists of four buildings, which are arranged over three levels. All of them have independent entrances and views of the garden and yard. On the ground floor, one can find a very well preserved Venetian dome-shaped building and an external staircase that leads to the second level. There one can find a paved courtyard with trees and another building. Another external staircase leads to the third level where there are two buildings overlooking another spacious courtyard.


The Old Town of Rethymno, a true Venetian gem, is a protected historical monument. It attracts every single visitor of Rethymno and is ideal for businesses such as boutique hotels and restaurants.

This property is located close to the centre of the Old Town as well as the sea and a convenient parking lot.

This amazing Venetian building can be converted into a boutique hotel, as all the buildings enjoy plenty of natural light and have windows facing the yard.

There are also some remaining building rights that could be used to extend the existing buildings. There are many Venetian architectural elements in the property such as stone arches, a stone dome-shaped room and a well. 


The current buildings range in condition from recently renovated to needing a little cosmetic work.

External space

Garden and courtyards.





Total area of buildings

Prime Location

In the Old Town

Four Buildings

Each with own entrance

Light and Airy

With external space

Separate Bathrooms

In every building



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